Frequently Asked Questions

Junkmail is underwear for men that want style, fabric and comfort that has been proven over decades. We aren’t here to provide the latest inner thigh-tastic made from banana plant fabric beneath their pants. We are here to provide the goods, and make sure we are there for you first thing on a Monday morning, or as you are wrapping up your weekend.

You can buy 5 star rated underwear for $15 a pair, delivered straight to your letterbox. Or you can save massively by subscribing, where you get 3 pairs delivered for $25 whenever you want them. It means you’ll never have to shop for underwear again, and you’ll always have access to a solid, comfortable pair.

Each subscription package contains 3 pairs of undies – trunks or briefs. We currently have 3 colours (black, blue and grey), and you can choose whichever ones you want. We will be adding a new colour very soon!

If by ‘my package,’ you mean ‘the package I receive from Junkmail,’ then yes – you can definitely change what’s in your package. If you want to change your size, your style, or the colours of the underwear you receive, just log in to your account, click on Subscriptions, click on View and then Upgrade or Downgrade. All details can be found under this.

Since we are 100% confident you’ll like our product, we have a 100% money-back guarantee on all subscription packages, and one-off purchases. If you don’t like them, just shoot us an email and we’ll refund the money. You can even keep the undies you put on, we certainly don’t want them.

Don’t be ridiculous!! As you may be able to tell with our pricing, we are not trying to hide anything. What you see through the store is exactly what you get. And remember, we just want you to have access to a strong, reliable pair of underwear – that you can’t see through.

Sure, cancel any time. We won’t take it personally.

We post (with Australia Post) within the first 24 hours of payment. If you subscribe, our package will be sent to yours once payment is confirmed on the 25th of the month that you are due.

We take the first payment as soon as you order with Junkmail. If you choose the subscription option, we then charge on the 25th of the month that your next pack is due.

You can change your subscription at any time to receive underwear more (or less) frequently. You can even put it on hold until you decide you’re ready to start up again.

We appreciate that, in life, you may go through a number of style changes. If you decide your original subscription of brief or trunk is not for you and you want to change style, just login to your account and hit the Upgrade/Downgrade button in Subscriptions. That will allow you to change any aspect of your subscription you want.

That’s technically not a question, but not to worry. We use Stripe to act as a gateway so we do not store your credit card information. We also have all the latest SSL certificates and internet security so you can sleep at night know you’ll only be charged when you get excellent product in return.

Absolutely! We stock colours that have been proven over decades as we know these will be popular for decades to come – and we want you to be trendy and comfortable, always. Choose your preferred colours in the checkout process.

Not yet, but if you’re overseas and interested in joining Junkmail, please get in touch with us at info@junkmailundies.com.au. We’d still love to meet you and see if Junkmail would be worthwhile in your country.


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